Jay O




                                       I am a Miami Florida base Passionate Photographer, I know how important it is to take in to account that content, and a fast turn-around means everything, thats why as a Professional photographer I am always looking for those unexpected full of emotion photographs that really tell a story, and work tirelessly to give the best and fastest service and products on the market. I love what I do and have fun doing it. If you would ask me do I have my dream job? Hell Yea I do! I am not that old grumpy photographer I am the outgoing, fun and full of life photographer easy to get along and very family oriented. I am married to the Lovely and loving mother to our kids Marlynn and between us we have 3 loving kids 2 boys and 1 little special girl ranging from age 1 to 18. If you may want to know, my favorite motto is  “You don’t take a photograph you make it” with that said I advise you to not leave all those still-memories behind and help me help you tell your story. I look forward to being friends and capturing your unique story. Due to the special attention I give to each and every one of our clients I take a limited number of weddings, events & portrait sessions each month. Please be prepared to book in advance.


My Location: Miami, FL United States