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They are very simple to use and easy to learn. I have made some of my own mixoligy Presets out of these simple clicks, Based on my camera models. I so definitely recommend these Presets to anyone thats whiling to make their workflow faster as it has helped me save so much time. 

Here is a sample of a fashion image I made with just seven clicks plus 1 brush adjustment 

SLR Lounge preset system Before image on left Here are the preset click I used to make image on the right 12a> super soft skin desat 20b> Bright fade filmic color 22d> Neutral wash-warm cross 43> Darken-light 71f> Vignette-heavy 72g> Square heavy 02c> Orage/Yellow color Also used Skin softener Brush on the face Only

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July 4th https://www.dtpstudios.com/blog/2012/7/july-4th-2012 July 4th It is sad to say that this July 4th I did not have a chance to take as much pictures of fireworks as i wanted, here are a few of the pictures taken with the Nikon D4 here are the settings I used 30sec, iso 100, f18 

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Spring break in Ft.lauderdale beach https://www.dtpstudios.com/blog/2012/3/spring-break-in-ft-lauderdale Spring Break in Ft.lauderdale beach was crazy packed like always, all sorts of individuals getting their drink on and having a blast a lot went on this sunday 3/18/2012, besides all the fun, there is always someone messing it all up by starting drama. Some heavy set guy did a Mike Tyson move on some other individual, from what I heard a lot smaller than him, ( slim boy ). I don’t know the full details but what was confirmed from the peoples voice around the whole conflict, was that heavy set man chewed on slim boys ear completely  detaching off a piece. Here is a couple of pictures of the heavy set guy already with his rights served and the men in blue who patrol those streets for spring breakers to have a trouble free environment.

Beside little troublesome incidents of drunk men, spring breakers were all having a grate time from beach tanning to street dancing eating and having fun between family and friends here are a couple more photos of the day experienced by my eyes enjoy.































































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The Florida Renaissance Festival https://www.dtpstudios.com/blog/2012/2/digital-touch





       The Florida Renaissance Festival it’s a really fun event for the whole family. My family and I had so much fun when we were there we took so many pictures and watched almost all the events there is so much to see and educational for the kids. Every ones is friendly and funny at the same time, there is also a lot of interesting art. I truly recommend going there with the family.


I found an older thread from last year that had a coupon code for last years Renaissance Festival in Deerfield Beach. The coupon works for this year too!
Florida Renaissance Festival 2012 Online Ticket Promo Code

*Special Online Offer...2 for 1 Tickets*
Go to their website Florida Renaissance Festival....click Purchase Tickets Online at the top of the page (only verified the Deerfield Beach location)
Choose the option Florida Renaissance Festival - 
This will get you price of 2 for 1


Also check out their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/flarenfest

You will see lots of pictures there.

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